Biogas conference in Kaunas, Lithuania

2014-09-10 13:31:53

On September 9th the More BBB project organized a biogas seminar in Kaunas, Lithuania. Advancements in all the different project activities was presented, including biogas electric hybrid buses, eco-driving for better fuel economy and biogas upgrading. View all the presentations below.

Opportunities to finance clean public transport from climate change programme in Lithuania (LT)
Lina Ceicyte, Ministry of Environment, Lithuania

Next steps in the Baltic Biogas Bus project
Geert Schaap, Sweco, Sweden

New hybrid electric buses in Bergen, Norway
Matti Torgersen, Skyss, Norway

New hybrid electric buses in Bergen, Norway
Stein Björlykke, HOG Energi, Norway

New hybrid electric bus in Västerås, Sweden
Peter Liss, Västerås Public Transport, Sweden

Eco-driving systems for buses to lower biogas fuel consumption
Jonas Forsberg, Biogas East, Sweden

Mobile biogas upgrading system in Poland
Kryzysztof Czajka, Motor Transport Institute, Poland

The Baltic Biogas Bus project is supported by the EU, is part of the Baltic Sea Region programme and include cities, counties and companies within the entire Baltic region.

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