Biogas-electric bus press preview in Västerås

2014-12-04 13:34:39

The BBB extension stage project is closing in on the finish line and some very exciting deliverables have now been presented. A few weeks ago the first biogas-electric hybrid bus arrived in Bergen, Norway, and only a few days later another hybrid bus arrived in Västerås, Sweden. On December 1st the Västerås bus was showed to the press and a group of local politicians.

The BBB extension stage lead partner Västerås Lokaltrafik is showcasing a 12-meter bus with electric traction paired with a biogas powered on-board heating system. In the cold climate of northern Europe a significant part of a bus’ total energy use is dedicated to heating; perhaps as much as 40-50 per cent during a cold winters day. The biogas heating system allows all of the battery capacity to be used for driving the bus, which improves the range. The hybrid bus and its specific biogas-electric application will be compared and evaluated along a number of “identical” CNG buses from Polish manufacturer Solaris. 

On December 1st a small group of specially invited politicians, press representatives and the Swedish partners of the BBB extension stage project were invited to a short test trip and press event in Västerås. 

The brand new, one of a kind, electric powered and biogas heated bus in Västerås.

The driver seat with three large touch screens on the dash board.

The bus infront of Västerås city hall.

The Baltic Biogas Bus project is supported by the EU, is part of the Baltic Sea Region programme and include cities, counties and companies within the entire Baltic region.

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