Biogas hybrid bus conference in Bergen, Norway

2014-03-19 08:56:52

On March 17th the third event of the Baltic Biogas Bus extension stage project was hosted by HOG Energi and Skyss in Bergen, Norway. This one day "Biogas hybrid bus conference" focused on biogas bus operational experiences and the development of more energy efficient biogas-electric hybrid buses to be tested within the project in Västerås, Sweden, and in Bergen, Norway.

Welcome to Bergen
Filip Rygg, Department of Urban development, Climate and Environmental Affairs, City of Bergen

Biogas hybrid buses in public transport
Oddmund Sylta, Managing Director, Skyss

Biogas hybrid buses in Malmö: Malmöexpressen
Tom Olsson, Business Development Manager, Nobina

Biogas Electric Bus in Västerås
Peter Liss, Managing Director, Västerås Lokaltrafik

Operating gas buses
Jan-Helge Sandvåg, Technical Director, Tide Bus

The Exqui.City Concept
Geert Van Hecke, Director of Business Development, Van Hool

Biogas production in Bergen
Kristine Akervold, Senior Engineer, City of Bergen

Supporting pilot and demonstration projects in the transport sector
Erik Lorentzen, Advisor, Transnova

The building blocks for developing a national biogas strategy
Christine Maass, Advisor, Norwegian Environmental Agency

The Baltic Biogas Bus project is supported by the EU, is part of the Baltic Sea Region programme and include cities, counties and companies within the entire Baltic region.

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