Biogas hybrid seminar & bus trip in Bergen, Norway

2014-11-25 07:41:09

On November 21st most of the BBB partners, along with politicians and other public transport stakeholders from the partner countries, met up in Bergen to learn more about the brand new biogas-electric hybrid bus which Norwegian partner Skyss have invested in as part of the BBB extension stage project. The highlight of the day was the "test trip" with the bus along line 2 in Bergen.

The day began with a short seminar including presentations from representatives of Hordaland County Council, the public transport authority Skyss, TruckNor and the Bergen University College which is doing on board and "on the road" measuring of emissions from the new bus.

Frode Myre, TruckNor, talking about the new Van Hool Exqu.City bus concept.


All the attendants lined up infront of the new biogas-electric hybrid bus.


Inside the 24 meter bi-articulated bus on the winding streets of Bergen.

The Baltic Biogas Bus project is supported by the EU, is part of the Baltic Sea Region programme and include cities, counties and companies within the entire Baltic region.

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